Friday, October 10, 2014

The City of Kuala Lumpur

Warning! Photos Overload!

Finally I get to have a photoshoot after a long long time and this one is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I just had so much fun doing a photoshoot back in September 2014. This is my favourite set of photos so far. I love the lighting, the location and my glitter shoes!!! I had a really hard time choosing photos because there were so many photos that I like so there you go 16 photos! Please bear with my messy hair and make up, those are not my field of expertise, I tried to curl my hair using a curling iron and the curl became loose so fast. Well at least I tried :P 
The top and the skirt are two of my favourites buy form Zara in September. Somehow the color of the metallic top brighten up my face a lot. and the wrap skirt reveal just the right amount of skin while keeping it chic and sexy. As usual, I keep accessories to the minimum by throwing in a pair of Miu Miu nior sunglasses to add a retro feel to the look. A pair of neon yellow earrings  and the navy wrap bracelets for that pop of color. And finally the fun and quirky Chiara Ferragni Flirting Slippers in Gold, Matte White and Silver glitters to match my top. Overall it is just one happy outfit on my semi casual day out with friends.

Outfit Details
Top: Zara Metallic Cami Top
Skirt: Zara Asymmetric Sarong Skirt, here
Shoes: Chiara Ferragni Flirting Glitter Slippers , similar here
Earring: Kate Spade Small Square Stud Earrings , here
Bag: Longchamp
Sunglasses: Miu Miu Nior Sunglasses, here

Photographer : Patrick Tee


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Update and Sneak Peak of the Upcoming Blog Posts

I haven't been updating my blog for a while, been really busy the past months, I was moving and traveling between 4 countries!! Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Yeah it was crazy. I just moved to Indonesia on Oct 1, which is like a week ago and now I think it is a good time to write a little update. 

Here is what's happened in my job. During my first year, I am being rotate to a new job function and a new location every three months. Starting with Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and finishing with Malaysia. It has been over 6 months since I joined this graduate program. Life has been  challenging for me because moving to a new country means I have to start everything from zero. Making new friends, learning new culture, learning new language, adapting to the environment and dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Also working with an engineering company means I have to work in an area that is far away from the city and I am pretty much a city girl, I like a place when I can travel anywhere using public transportation and have a mall where I can go shopping and get some fashion inspiration from that..well what can I do? I am a fashion addicted so that is the source of my happiness :) But since I couldn't do it as often, I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately ( I picked up this habit from living in Korea) 

During April - June 2014, I was working in Rayong, Thailand. There I didn't do any photoshoot because I can only go back to Bangkok during the weekend. Then in July 2014 - September 2014, I was mostly in Shah Alam - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where I meet an amazing photographer,  Patrick, we did a photoshoot in Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile at the end of July I visited Singapore it was the first time I went there in a non work related matter. I had a great time there, took a couple of photos.  I will upload my all my outfit photos soon but until then here is the sneak peak of the upcoming blog post.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Siam Center

Hey guys, I am back on blogging!! I finally got a job that I have always wanted. It is an international graduate program at a cable manufacturing company. I knew that I got a job in late February and was sent to Milan, Italy for a training for 2 weeks. I will write an update on my new job in the next post.

As for this post, the photos were taken by my friends on May 3, I had a 3 days holiday that week including weekend so I decided to go to the shopping center and meet my friends, It was fun and relaxing. The weather was good. I like the sunshine in the first and second photo. Oh excuse the crowd behinds my second photo. I really liked that photo because it captured the atmosphere of that day perfectly. The malls were crowded and I was happy and full of energy. I have done a lot of shopping in the past months, more than I could wear in a month as now I only get to dress up on weekends. The shirt is new and it's from Zara spring 2014 collection, I really like that it is perfect for the hot weather in Thailand as it is a mix of satin, chiffon and jersey fabric, plus the fashion illustration print on the shirt is so cute. The sandals are my new favorite add to the closet, they can go with both casual and dress up outfit. Their gold plates make them look more luxurious while the sandals style keep it simple.

Outfit Details
Top: Zara, here (Ref. 1165/033)
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Pedro, here
Earring: ASOS 
Bag: Coccinelle


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Sunny Day

Guys Summer is officially here in Thailand. I know this might sounds a bit weird because Thailand is a hot country and a lot of you guys think that Thailand only has one season but actually there are three seasons in Thailand including summer, rainy season and winter. Winter in Thailand is not cold but colder enough to allow Thai people to wear jackets in Thailand!! This year winter is a little bit longer than usual so I did not feel the true summer heat in Thailand since I cam back until now. Today was super hot in Bangkok, and a very bright sun inspired me to wear this outfit. Here I got a very bright yellow crop top and I pair it with a metallic faux leather skirt. The bright yellow and the metallic silver combination makes me look light I am a mini sun walking on the street and my holographic bag is highly reflective under the sun light making it very hard to look at it. But overall I really like the effect of the outfit, let me know what you guys think. 
Oh and by the way, the top and the skirt are from a famous Thai designer, Milin who is a Central Saint Martin and an FIT grad. I have adored her design since 2010 and finally bought this metallic skirt in 2012 and this top in 2013, both are from a Material Girl,  Material World collection so my today look is very cohesive. I love that she really understand the woman body and all her clothes make the body look skinnier and curvier. 
The photos for this ootd post are taken by the chic street style fashion blogger, Gail from The Equinox Fashion . We had so much fun shooting each other. I can't wait to see the photos I took for her on her blog.  

วันนี้ที่กรุงเทพากาศร้อนมากคะเลยจัดไปเลย outfit  ท้าแดด (เอิ่ม ดำกว่าเดิมมั้ยเนี่ย) สีสันวันนี้เน้นเลียนแบบสีและความสะท้อนแสงของพระอาทิตย์เลยใส่เป็นเสื้อสีเหลืองสด และกระโปรงสีเงินสะท้อนแสง บวกกับประเป๋าสะท้อนแสงสีรุ้งซึ่งทำให้คนที่มองผ่านรู้สึกแสบตา และคงแอบด่าเบาๆว่าใส่อะไรทำไมไม่เห็นใจคนมองเลย ฮ่าๆ ขอโทษด้วยคะ สำหรับเสื้อและกระโปรงชุดนี้เป็นของ Milin Material Girl,  Material World collection ทั้งคู่ ลุคที่ได้เลยดู cohesive มากๆ แต่ไม่ได้ก๊อปลุคบุคมานะคะ อันนี้พีชเลือกมิ๊กแอนด์แมตช์เอง ส่วนตัวชอบเสื้อผ้าแบรนด์ Milin มากๆคะเพราะว่าใส่แล้วทำให้หุ่นดีขึ้น 
สำหรับรูปเซ็ตนี้ถ่ายโดยแก้ว แฟชั่นบล๊อกเกอร์คนไทยที่เป็นที่รู้จักกันในอินเตอเน๊ตในนาม The Equinox Fashion 

Photos by Fashion Blogger, Gail from The Equinox Fashion

Top: Milin Sensor Top in Bright Yellow, here
Skirt: Milin Wind Shield Skirt in Metallic Silver, here
Shoes: Aerosoles Dark Blue Dress Shoes
Bag: Zara Holographic Clutch Bag

Have a Happy day